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The chat service will request you to configure your chat room and give you room host abilities. But a boy at a doctor's surgery gave new meaning to the word 'impatient' when he hit his mother in the face while waiting for an appointment.Shortly after school let out for the summer, I arranged to stay over at my friend Tim's house for the weekend. I remembered back to the ugly dude's pic and the other folders Chris kept. Tim's parents were going to be gone that week, but his older brother Chris was going to be around. The only difference between him and his younger brother is the fact he is gay. I quickly looked through a couple and found a guy about my age that looked a little like me.

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There are defining moments in life that make you look at things or people differently.

For me, that moment came a couple of years ago with respect to my mother. My dad really wasn't in the picture much and my mom did her best at raising me. It allows people to connect and act in ways that they normally wouldn't.

In the short You Tube clip the young boy can be heard saying 'Mum, I don't want you by me' and keeps trying to get up out of his seat. Time and again she reaches out, grabs his t-shirt and puts him back in his place.

She can be heard to gasp in pain and looks upset as other people in the waiting room avert their eyes.