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Vmware consolidating snapshots

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Occasionally we saw where a snapshot commit/delete operation request would not merge the snapshot delta files with the VMs base disk (what we term a consolidate operation).

Unfortunately, this failure to consolidate was not apparent via the UI, and usually only became noticeable to the end user when the delta files grew very large, possibly resulting in a full VMFS or NFS volume if they were attached to very large VMs.

This new option allows end-users, in the event of a consolidate failure, to do the consolidate operation for themselves without opening a Service Request with VMware.

But how do we know whether a consolidate was successful or not?

I can take a snapshot, install the software, test the software, and then return to the saved snapshot.

When you delete/consolidate a snapshot, the blocks contained in the delta file are written to the parent disk.I made the mistake of trying to free up space by deleting all snapshots, and then deciding the ESX server was unresponsive and restarted it.I was lucky enough to still have working VMs afterwards.I now have 17 vmdk files of the VM's disk, but since the snapshots have been removed, I can't just delete them.Is there any easy way to consolidate them back into the parent vmdk?Support engineers from GSS (VMware's Global Support Services) would then have you use their many tricks of the trade to consolidate the snapshot deltas into the VM base disk.