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Updating an identity column sql server

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You have to delete the original record, then Insert the record with the Identity value because there is no support for updating an identity value.

The problem is that I need to retain all the existing values in column Tracking Number.

--set table to allow identity to be inserted SET IDENTITY_INSERT your Table ON; GO --insert everything into a temp table SELECT * INTO #tmp Your Table FROM your Table --clear your table DELETE FROM your Table --insert back all the values with the updated ID column INSERT INTO your Table (IDCol, Other Cols) SELECT ID 1 as updated ID --put any other update logic to the ID here , Other Cols FROM #tmp Your Table --drop the temp table DROP TABLE #tmp Your Table --put identity back to normal SET IDENTITY_INSERT your Table OFF; GO (Complete solution for c# programmers using command builder) First of all, you have to know this facts: -In any case, you cannot modify an identity column, so you have to delete the row and re-add with new identuty.

-You cannot remove the identity property from the column (you would have to remove to column) -The custom command builder from always skips the identity column, so you cannot use it for this purprose. Either program your own SQL Insert statement, or program you own insert command builder. Given a Datat Table, generates the SQL Insert script: This would duplicate all your records but using new IDCol value starting as NEW_RESEED_VALUE.

think, instead, of what you want to do to a column.

If you think its expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.