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TS: It's great to have two people who have been there and who understand it and are there to give us advice. TS: Yes, it is, and luckily by the time we start filming we've heard the scenes so many times from rehearsing it all week that it's a little bit easier. I'm obsessed with the '60s, so I kind of go for that one day. We're usually in sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts because we're there to work.

So many times during rehearsal, we are all just laughing, like cracking up. We have those moments where you see that one of us is trying to keep it together, and you just see us with smirks on our faces because we're trying so hard not to start laughing. We're not there to look good, and I think that's the thing that people misconstrue all the time.

Riley, thinking it’s never going to happen with Ben, asks him to help her find the perfect man.

Ben devises a plan to set Riley up on a disastrous date where he’ll pick up the pieces, but it threatens to backfire.

By: Jamie Steinberg Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on? Q) How was your character Kendra originally described? Q) What have been some of your most memorable behind the scenes moments from filming “Kevin Can Wait?

A) She was described as daddy’s favorite child who went to college and kind of discovered herself. ” A) I think it was some of our guest stars that we’re going to have on our show. We have had some of Kevin’s friends on our show – I can’t say which friends.

HC: You are always so fashionable; what is your favorite fall trend? Especially MJH (Melissa Joan Hart) HC: Do you have any advice for college-aged girls interested in a career in acting/modeling?

Everyone has been super supportive and seem to enjoy it and think it is really funny.

- Seventeen.com" data-pin-url=" data-pin-media=" data-img320=" data-img320-w = "300" data-img320-h = "400" data-cut=320 src="//sev.h-cdn.co/assets/seventeen/20170627161126/images/blank.png" data-src=" alt="" data-img480=" data-img480-w = "300" data-img480-h = "400" data-img640=" data-img640-w = "300" data-img640-h = "400" data-img768=" data-img768-w = "300" data-img768-h = "400" data-img980=" data-img980-w = "300" data-img980-h = "400" data-img1024=" data-img1024-w = "300" data-img1024-h = "400" nopin="nopin" /, is definitely one of our favorites, when it comes to laugh-out-loud funny.

It's a show about a young politician named Mel Burke (played by Melissa Joan Hart) who enlists the help of her "manny" Joe Longo (played by Joey Lawrence) after suddenly becoming guardian to her niece and nephew. My sister's a songwriter, so we've been working on some stuff.

Model-turned-actress Taylor Spreitler plays Mel's smart, outgoing, and independent niece Lennox Scanlon. She's always fighting for animal rights and gay rights and everything, and so am I, so it's nice to be able to play that out loud, as my character as well. CG: There's such an emphasis on looks in Hollywood. I've just kind of learned over the years not to listen to it. But right now, we're just doing our own little fun thing just recording stuff on our Mac Books.

She took some time out of filming season two of Cosmo Girl: Are you anything like your character Lennox? CG: What's it like working with two TV veterans, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence? CG: Is it ever hard to keep a straight face while you're filming a funny scene? Do you ever feel pressure to look perfect all the time? If you come on set, Melissa and I aren't wearing makeup.