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Of course, this isn’t just your regular random chat app, they took it a step further but adding in an awesome image sharing feature.
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Quickly add new contacts, edit existing contacts, or create calendar invites.When a client is being actively used, events will occur that affect the current user and that he or she must learn about as soon as possible. The phone that you are using will need to be compatible for the Vue to sync with it.If you are not sure if your phone is compatible, check our compatibility requirements.

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To eliminate the need for the client itself to periodically download these events, there is an update delivery mechanism in which the server sends the user notifications over one of its available connections with the client.

Like my avatar being in the members list with 0 miles distance, first one found, then when clicked I can see what public can see with profiles, public pictures, and/or private too, and with the additional button to edit. I get an error that says: "Sorry, an error has occurred while sending data.

Please try again." every time I try to look at the actual profile.

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At the bottom of the filter selection dialog box, click clear, and then click close button In the search box, type a search term.