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I believe metapianycist has written about similar experiences, and The Ace Theist has written about similarish grey experiences here.

Other people may be less confused and more like 'welp so this is a thing’.

, and it took me quite a while to work out that these feelings might be sexual attraction, and oh god what should I do about that.

This site features 20 million singles; because of the high number of users, it also has advanced search criteria, allowing users to search by age, location, keyword and other custom search criteria such appearance, interests, background and values and lifestyle.

His head is kinda small, compared to the rest of his body, but he has a nice sweet voice, like the boy next door or something. He should now give up cricket and do something meaningful, like, um, become the Prime Minister or something.

Those includes not being able to pick up on interpersonal cues transmitted through body language, facial expression, and vocal tone — in short, the ability to navigate unspoken social rules.

But the vocal, questioning approach by those on the spectrum actually highlights just how confused and quiet dating renders us all.

We humans Imagine how much simpler dating would be if everyone navigated the scene with the Aspie's instinct for being straightforward and blunt.