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Rss feed not validating

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Could someone point me to where I'm going wrong please?

Word Press plugins & themes sometimes may break down your xml structure.

I'd like to correct this through the source code of the module, but I do not know where to start or which file I should edit to correct that mistake, just if only through code I could solve this validation.

In some cases this error will be caused by space in one of your modules.

I use the RSS inside Hoot Suite to autopost to my Google and it stopped working. Tan | Photographer UPDATE */Bjarne Varöystrand at Koken Support (not affiliated with Koken) found that his RSS are receiving the similar invalidations and according to the thread—https://kokensupport.com/viewtopic.php?

When logging into Hoot Suite to check, it was giving the same invalidation error as the W3 Org. f=8&t=427&e=1&view=unread#unread—something about Net Objects fixing or editing with mixed content via SSL might have unintentionally caused the RSS invalidation errors.

I've looked for answers in the oficial Views RSS module issue track but unsuccessfully.

Did Team Net Objects did something to cause the invalidation errors?

Currently, both my RSS made by Regale 2 (Blog installation) and Madison 2 (Portfolio installation) are not validating by the W3 Org. Go to: Admin- Clean system caches Please remember that neither Bjarne or I assumes any liabilities for this "fix," as it is not yet considered a canon fix from Team Net Objects. Kindest regards, Ron A bit easier to read and follow instructions can also be found over at the KCS forum:https://kokensupport.com/viewtopic.php?

I did a test with the Koken.me's Blog RSS it's validating by the W3 Org.

finds and XML parsing error caused by the https:// author name. I checked my RSSOwl install on my Kubuntu 11.04 LTS this morning and, just as yesterday and today on Windows7, one of the two feeds was working but the "Featured" feed was still failing to validate with an error sufficient for RSSOwl to fail to display the feed.

When these issues occur, it seems that they are frequently caused by non-ASCII characters. (I use RSSOwl and Dropbox to keep my feeds synced across machines).