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But after, the rose-colored glasses come off, the same traits we admired can cause a rub.For example, a woman might view her fiancé as “laid back” but when married, she calls him “lazy.” Same trait, new perspective!

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Here's a picture of me hunting -- but I'm not like other guys." You fall into what I started calling "date talk." "Soooo... Me too...." I got to thinking about what my grandmother always said -- opposites attract.

Two examples of these "deal breakers" could be strong differences in religious beliefs, or gender role expectations—that is, where one person wants a traditional husband and wife relationship whereas the other person wants a progressive, egalitarian relationship.

These differences cut deep into who you are and what you believe in at the core of your identity and can be difficult to reconcile if both of you are truly on the opposite ends of the continuum. Most couples who fall in love don’t pick people that radically different from them.

We're going to be giving you a chance to meet those people who you wouldn't normally meet.

If you are an expert skier, for example and I've never skied. Don't just go on someone else's word that you should be together, find out for yourself.