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I am glad now I didn't find out as it was a lovely suprise getting a little girl even though I thought she was going to be a boy. If you found out do you wish now you hadn't or vice versa. :wink: no i didnt find out before tegan was born and didnt want to anyway. which is a good thing really as i never had a boys name.if i have any further babies, i wouldnt want to find out the sex anyway.

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In my conversations with clients over the years, I have noticed five things that tend to dominate their thoughts about sex, all of which prevent them from finding a way to actually have the sex they long for.I couldn't be doing with green and yellow nursies and clothes (no offence ) I wanted to be organised..................wouldn't I had a shock if they'd got it wrong well you've left us hanging there Rosie - what did you have 2nd time!! it was the most fantastic surprise when they were born i had one of each - the set :wink: not knowing the sex was the only thing that kept me going through labour, I just focused on the fact that I would soon know and it was wonderful.My friend knew the sex of her baby and it kind of took the fun away if that makes sense.Despite what you may think from reading my articles on here on Project Inspired, I’m no stranger to the premarital sex temptation.Seriously girls, before I repented and returned to God, I was pretty much having sex with any guy who paid attention to me and made me feel even a tiny bit special. It’s only by God’s grace that my heart is healed and that I didn’t get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease.My dh and I both agree we felt we knew our babies by the time they had arrived,because we knew their gender and called them names long before they arrived.