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None of that might be true, but it's how men might interpret it.

There's a saying I've heard before that goes "White guy gets the check, black guy gets the sex," men may falsely interpret your sexual wariness as wanting a relationship with a white man but being more sexually/physically attracted to black guys.

What's interesting is that a guy I went to HS with (he's black and almost exclusively dates white girls) said that he can't stand when black women date outside of their race! A couple of weeks ago I went to Navy Pier and saw quite a few black women-white men couples. I'm not a mixed kid and don't have mixed kids, but I don't think they get picked on any more than anyone else does. I think there's more of a perpetuation of fear rather than protection.

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I have a friend girl that is Hispanic she is very beautiful and black men love her."I don't sit around dreaming about the perfect black man I'm going to marry," Jones said. I think I see more interracial couples where the women look to be of African American heritage.Black women around the country also are reconsidering deep-seated reservations toward interracial relationships, reservations rooted in America's history of slavery and segregation. I'm not sure what the reasons are, but I think that a woman especially AA should be at liberty to date any man she pleases regardless of race and if she decides not to cross the "color-line" she is within her right. I was raised to believe that I should "stick with my own kind".I just want to find whoever started that “70 percent of Black women are single” conversation and put them on a rocket ship to outer space with whoever first volunteered that “the solution is to date outside of your race” remark.I don’t even remember when it started, but apparently, of all of the solutions presented for this so-called “issue”, interracial dating somehow emerged as the groundbreaking cure-all.However false, it IS completely accurate to call it prejudice to suspect the worst of a guy's romantic intentions simply because of his skin tone.