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Of all the ways that you could meet people, more and more singles are choosing to sign up for a membership on an online dating site than wasting their time with the local dating scene that they may be familiar with.

This is probably because they haven’t had much luck meeting someone that really understands them, or they don’t quite feel a connection worth pursuing.

The paper, which has access to previously-unpublished police reports, reports that in a ten-month period in 20, two-thirds of crimes attributed to asylum seekers were committed by people from so-called ‘safe’ countries.

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But singles can leave a hint if they’re feeling brave.

The NOS adds that according to the 2016 annual report of the NVIK, an information point for foreigners, 566 asylum seekers were picked up for 707 crimes last year.

Of these, 84 came from Albania, 73 from Georgia, 67 from Morocco and 64 from Algeria - all considered 'safe' countries. The Telegraaf claims that these criminals – even if caught – are sometimes released without penalty ‘in the hope that they will be expulsed from the country more quickly.’ No exemption policy Dutch police said in a press release that they ‘do not record the residency status of people who have been arrested’.

When you take the time to look through the massive database of singles on a dating site in the Netherlands, it may be overwhelming by just how many people there are to get to know.

Fortunately, when you utilize the search features on the dating sites, you can narrow down the pool of eligible singles.