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For the purpose of this article, let's assume that the couple in question is on a first date and searching for a real romance that will lead to a serious relationship.

While this article has been written in the spirit of good fun, it is also meant to underline some common differences between men and women, and the cultures of Italy and the United States.

A great place to start is to consider what would be interesting for your date and try to create a relaxing, warm atmosphere in which to get to know eachother.

Too romantic, and you might make your date a bit nervous - too casual, and you might give off the impression that you don't care! Also ask yourself whether your venue is condusive to conversation; a night at the opera sounds impressive, but would mean less time talking and getting to know one another.

We have huge hearts but we also aren't afraid to fight. Whether it's Nona's homemade pasta or mom's meatball soup, we can't get enough of it. So, even if you don't woo your lady with a 7-course meal, the fastest way to her heart is through her stomach.3. A full stomach means a good time and that is no joke. My advice is to know what you're getting into before you date us.

What's sexier than a woman who is full to bursting with passion and won’t take sh*t from anyone? We're full of spunk, we are fun, and we are passionate. All danger aside, you're in for the ride of your life.

Just remember that most Italian women will pay attention to the color combo you put together, not to mention your shoes, which most women will look at when trying to analyze the type of man their date is.

Open the Door and Enter First This is a very tricky one, even for Italians.

Leave the grubby shorts, sandals or sneakers at home unless you want to give off the wrong kind of first impression.

Italian dating websites for finding Italian girls and a mediation on Italian female beauty“Ugly Italian”, I have never heard anyone say such a thing. In Western culture, Italy is synonymous with love, romance and fashion.

I do not know if it the mild climate, that gives Italian girls the right pigmentation hue or the natural diet of rich in the antioxidants of rosemary, garlic, and oregano or simply they are a nice combination of Etruscan, Elymians and Sicani under the layer of Latin, Greek and Celtic Indo-European.

Beautiful Italian women portrayed in classical art I am a lifelong connoisseur of art.

If you could judge the beauty of females just based on art, I think Italy would rank at the top of the reviews. 7 free Italian dating websites for single Italian girls These are dating websites actually used in Italy by Italians.