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The first is that there may have been a mechanical fault and the second is that the satellite has been damaged by space debris.

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When we think that this shared language influences how we interact with the other person, that´s when we understand how important language really is in a relationship.

The things you say to your partner might not have the same strength or connotation as they do in your native language; therefore your words may not be fully understood.

But not sharing a first language can come with its frustrations.This is not about the ability to express love in different ways depending on the person’s love language, or the fact that men and women are said to speak different languages because they come from different planets, but the very real and discouraging issues that prevent a couple from expressing their feelings in their entire meaning, just because they don´t have a common native language.Even though you might not be using the same native language, you are in fact communicating, in one way or another.Add to that the cultural differences in communication styles.People from different cultures can use the same words to convey drastically different meanings, and that just makes this particular obstacle harder to overcome.Considering the importance and difficulty of communication within a relationship, using a non-native language can seem impossible.