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"Never let them see you sweat" is a phrase so often repeated, it has become a tried-and-true American adage.Even if you weren't around in the early '80s—or, like me, you were using the cartoon commercial breaks to refill your Cheerios bowl when antiperspirant makers coined the phrase, you've certainly heard it—even if you weren't quite sure of its origins.Today, people use the word "mindful" to describe a host of behaviors—work, eating, communication, and more.It tends to be shorthand to describe the "deliberate act of paying attention to the present moment, without judgment." While mindfulness has gained traction as a trend, most of us are more familiar with what it feels like to be .Needed trunk space for a few closer to festival to find you’re getting the emotional support you may gain a boost.

Having a physical outlet takes off the pressure of filling every moment with pithy thoughts and entertaining jokes.

You might be wondering if there's even a way to approach online dating mindfully. Next, set an intention for what you want to get out of this process.

Meaning, do you want volume (a lot of dates to help you narrow in on what you really want), or do you want to go on as few first dates as possible and get into a serious relationship within a certain time frame?

I recently ran across this Treehugger article that introduced me to a new term, “ecosexual.” Looking for someone to date who shares your concern for protecting the environment isn’t a new concept, but apparently there are a number of dating sites that have sprung up to meet a growing demand. As we reach a more critical time in protecting our planet, many of us are spending countless hours at jobs in several sectors working to achieve sustainability.

Then our personal time, whether it be grocery shopping or figuring out how to get from point A to point B, is spent working towards a state of mindfulness, becoming increasingly aware of the tiniest decisions and the impact they may have.