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The system is currently a work in progress; the startup only began in January and it’s only focusing on Norway, Sweden and Germany, but it’s currently in talks with humanitarian aid organisations about adopting the service and expanding it to other countries.According to Duffy, the reason for choosing SMS as the starting point was because of its ubiquity and immediateness.

Of all the things people ask their friends for advice about, sex doesn't tend to be one of them, but what if Messenger had its very own sex therapist?

They must have hired someone with an entry level cyber security job 😉 Here are some screen shots of tweets that were deleted once the Internet “taught” Tay some things: And a Gamer Gate favorite: Tay’s developers seemed to discover what was happening and began furiously deleting the racist tweets.

They also appeared to shut down her learning capabilities and she quickly became a feminist: UPDATE 3/31/2016: Tay made a brief comeback and started telling many users, “You are too fast, please take a rest.” She also tweeted that it’s “smoking kush,” a nickname for marijuana, in front of the police.” –The Sydney Morning Herald Since then, Tay’s account went on lockdown (private mode) and more tweets were deleted.

WITH THE DIRECTION messaging is going, it’s easy to assume that the likes of Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Telegraph and Viber have all but replaced SMS.

Yet despite its age, SMS isn’t going anywhere yet and while newer methods overshadow it, it’s still one of the most commonplace mediums around.