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Dating time management

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In other words: Plan specific time-slots to work on your goals before anything else, or the inevitable busy work or spontaneous time will fill up your days and you won’t fit the important tasks in.

Big Rocks are any tasks that is important to you such as: writing a book, working out, meditating, date night, quality time with your kids or any other tasks that you achieve your goals.

Since you are reading this and on this website, more than likely, assuming you are single, you have some goals in mind in terms of your interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps you’ve been on the dating scene for a while, or you’re evaluating a relationship in your life – maybe even looking to liven up an existing dating situation With New Year's resolutions, we all usually begin with great intentions, however, often, about halfway though the first month – the promises we’ve made to ourselves, whatever they may be, get lost in the shuffle of life, as we live day to day, and attend necessary activities.

Because LOVE is my highest value, and poly is so important to me, dating and making love are my biggest rocks. It’s important to schedule dyad time to be alone with your multiple lovers and sometimes even agree not to talk about work, kids or other lovers.

The reason that time management is so important, is that in order to effectively attend to accomplishing our goals, we must distill and isolate those things that are most important to us, including survival issues, such as work, and other things that we are responsible for, as well – such as children, or others that we are responsible for.Yet next weekend, he’ll undoubtedly have to drag again. I want to be spontaneous, but I need to plan ahead.I have come to realize that maybe my problem with our weekend plans is more of a control issue. If a trip to visit family is my idea, I don’t mind leaving the house.Perhaps, part of the issue is that new priorities seem to emerge, and we get pulled in other directions.But the reality, is that anything that is very important to us, should be attended to.When you first join a dating app like Tinder, you may feel overwhelmed with limitless options!