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Dating police

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Sometimes TV shows and books are close to reality in the way things are being portrayed, sometimes they aren’t, but what they all have in common is that the viewer comes to glorify the hero, or heroine.Yet the hero, or heroine, may be an alcoholic, who hardly gets by as s/he is so run down by the profession they have chosen but can’t psychologically handle.

They can be great fun to use and are an important part of many people’s social lives. Like any internet tool though, social networking can be used for harmful or criminal purposes. Social networking sites create a feeling of community.

This can be positive or negative depending on the nature of the community created.

Since users access these sites from their own homes, they can sometimes forget that the internet is really a public space.

It’s with that in mind that we compiled the top eight rules for dating a cop, chosen from answers by law enforcement officers from across the country.

We received some serious answers and some pretty humorous ones, but these pretty much sum up the mix.