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And even worse – if you are, roughly speaking, “going from hand to hand,” then your life, have not really started, quickly roll down an inclined plane.

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Most of the time, floating stool is the result of something you ate.

If you eat something that causes gas (or eat a large meal), the gas mixes in with stool in the intestines.

Prunes, apples, peaches, and sugar-free foods, for instance, contain sorbitol.

Sodas, honey, and fruit juices are high in fructose.

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This is usually a change that helps a student work around his or her disability.

People with lactose intolerance (a condition that commonly affects adults of African, Asian, Hispanic, and American Indian descent) may have floating poop if they consume milk and milk products.

With low levels of the enzyme (lactase) needed to digest the sugar (lactose) in milk, they may have bloating and gas after consuming dairy, which can lead to floating stool.

After a meal, bile enters the intestine and helps digest and transfer fat from the intestine to the body.

Once the gallbladder is surgically removed, there is no longer a place for bile to be stored.