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If she's ready for a kiss so soon, she'll be willing to wait a little longer for it, and that anticipation works in your favor.But if she's not ready for it (or you botch it) on the first date, you might kill your shot at a second date. Kissing on the cheek is kind of weak, unless you're trying to make her feel like your grandmother.if her signals are hard to read), or if she initiates it.

A first kiss could lead to many more perfect kisses. Your heart starts to race, you feel confused and almost dizzy, and on the other extreme, you have no idea how your date would respond. Or would they stick a tongue in so deep it would make you gag? How to make your first kiss more memorable Even if you’re an experienced kisser, a first kiss is always nervous, especially when you’re about to kiss someone who means a lot to you for the first time.

You'll feel it inside you that there's something about to happen.

If you start leaning into the person, and he or she doesn't step back or lean back, you know it's time...a special time for a kiss. Imagine kissing the person you think you'll be kissing for the first time. Usually, they go on the person's waist, or if you're embracing, in the middle of your partner's back.

While you’re touching her you don’t want to be up in your head, thinking about how you should move/act next.

Instead you want to stay grounded and in your body.