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Alexandre Aja directs this film, let's just forget he did Mirrors okay?

He gets the bloody mess off to an interesting start by having Richard Dreyfuss in the film. So it's Spring Break, so the fish have hundreds of young drunk teenagers to eat, and boy do they eat.

The game also offers a skin maker, allowing players to customize their own in-game appearances and export them as graphic files for As a multiplayer shooter for adults PIXEL GUN 3D isn't bad.

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With knee-trembler's above the waves and tremors below, released from their dormant sleep, thousands upon thousands of flesh-eating nippers are released into the lake with whetted appetites and razor-sharp teeth.

The point of the game is to kill or be killed, again making it a poor choice for kids, though they'll likely be drawn to it due to its art style, which is similar to the very successful The entire point of the game is kill or be killed.

Players will shoot either the avatars of other players in live death matches or compete against artificial intelligence enemies. It's worth noting the graphics in the game are very blocky, so the impact of the violence is muted somewhat.

A nod to Jaws no doubt, but one can only assume that he had him in here to say that this film is either a: More scarier or B: More dangerous. The film doesn't shy away from the bloody truth.

I'd go with the latter because the film isn't scary. Piranha's can strip a cow to it's bones in minutes, these guys are more aggressive. The film is one for the people who cheer when someone has their legs torn off.